Bo’s Priorities

-Bo is going to work hard to foster unity among the Board of Commissioners and build back the trust of the citizens the County Commissioners serve.

-Bo will work with our partners at the airport to bring more industry and higher paying jobs to our area, and will work with our airport partners to expand the destinations available to travel to from Glynn County.

-Bo will rebuild the public’s confidence in SPLOST projects by working with a limited list put together with community input and managed by a dedicated SPLOST director. Bo believes it is important to invest resources in our county for the wellbeing of all Glynn County citizens, but the citizens must be confident in their leadership.

-Bo will monitor the growth and development on Saint Simons Island to ensure current residents are not negatively impacted. At the same time Bo is dedicated to making sure the folks that have bought property on the Island have the same opportunities available to their neighbors to enjoy the island lifestyle.

-Bo is excited to work with our partners in the City of Brunswick to continue and advance the growth of downtown businesses and future loft housing projects. Bo is also focused on many projects that will benefit both city and county residents alike!

-Bo is committed to promoting the growth of available housing in Glynn county that is affordable, but doesn’t negatively impact our current neighborhoods. Bo believes that affordable housing will be key to helping grow our ports into the largest “RO-RO” port on the east coast, and has personally invested 27 years of his life at both the Brunswick and Jacksonville car terminals.